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Project news and announcements

Project Suspended

Development of Mobile Bookshelf has been suspended indefinitely. See the "Links" section for alternatives.

Mobile Bookshelf 2.1.5 released

New version of Mobile Bookshelf, released 1-10-2005.

This is bugfix release with support for a few new phones.


I decided to start own blog, one of it's topics will be a J2ME and Mobile Bookshelf development of particular.

CVS builds

For the users who require features and bugfixes not yet available in our normal releases, we start to offer the daily builds made with most recent versions of Bookshelf source code. However the quality of such builds can be below average, as they receive no testing.

The intermediate builds will not be announced on the main page of the project, so please see the changelog for the list of features available in these builds.

CVS builds are available at:

New developer

Alexandru Dan has joined the project as a new developer. I'd like to thank him for adding Samsung platform, and participating in Bookshelf developement.

Mobile Bookshelf 2.1.4 released

New version of Mobile Bookshelf, released 7-04-2005.

In this version:

  • Support for many Samsung phones
  • Two more Motorola models: C650 and RAZR V3
  • Screen rotation

Also I'd like to thank Denis Malinovsky for supplied patches.

Documentation update

Added page describing how to build Mobile Bookshelf from sources.

Mobile Bookshelf 2.1.3 released

New version of Mobile Bookshelf, released 6-02-2005.

In this version:

  • New 'autoexit' plugin, to automatically turn off backlight to preserve battery charge
  • Backlight control on Sonyericsson phones
  • ISO-8859-2 codepage supported
  • Hyphenation patterns for Italian, Spanish, Hungerian and other languages

Special thanks for Sergey Chernov ( for help porting midlet to Sonyericsson.

Mobile Bookshelf 2.1.2 released

New version of Mobile Bookshelf, released 27-01-2005.

Mobile Bookshelf 2.1.1 released

New version of Mobile Bookshelf, released 16-01-2005.

Project rename

Bookshelf has been renamed to 'Mobile Bookshelf'.

Bookshelf 2.0beta1 released

New version of Bookshelf, released 6-11-2004.