History of Changes


Version 2.1.5 (1 October 2005)

  • add Better hyphenation with correct delimiter recognition by Denis Malinovsky (ak1394)
  • add Romanian and French localization for Bookshelf GUI. (dantesoft)
  • add Added support for: SonyEricsson V800 (ak1394)
  • add Added support for: SonyEricsson Z1010, Z600; Alcatel 756; Nec c313; Motorola MPx200; Nokia 6600 (ak1394)
  • fix Fixed build issues on linux. (ak1394)
  • fix Fix for the full screen and backlight on SonyEricsson K700i/K500i. (ak1394)
  • fix Fix for platform properties for Motorola V300/V400/V500 (by Sergey Zorin). (ak1394)

Version 2.1.4 (7 April 2005)

  • add Added support for many Samsung handsets. (dantesoft)
  • add Added support for MIDP 2.0 platform for Motorola C650 and RAZR V3 phones. (ak1394)
  • add Added support for screen rotation (landscape mode). (ak1394)
  • fix Accepted patches 1145381 and 1123779 by Denis Malinovsky (ak1394)
  • fix GUI no longer requires restart to change phone model. (ak1394)

Version 2.1.3 (6 February 2005)

  • add Added backlight control on Sonyericsson phones. (ak1394)
  • add Added negative interline spacing. (ak1394)
  • add 'autoexit' plugin added. (ak1394)
  • add Added ISO-8859-2 to the list of supported encodings. (ak1394)
  • add Hyphenation support for more languages. (ak1394)
  • fix Fixed screen size and side buttons mapping for Siemens S65. (ak1394)
  • fix Fixed crash on older Siemens phones (C55). (ak1394)
  • fix Fixed problem with midlet auto-split. (ak1394)
  • fix Fixed problem with incorrect font rendering in some fonts. (ak1394)
  • fix Changed keymapping for Sonyericsson phones to use platform default key to enter the menu. (ak1394)

Version 2.1.2 (27 January 2005)

  • fix Fixed issue where default paragraph start settings set to '0' upon config save. (ak1394)
  • fix Fixed problem with softbuttons not working on Sonyericsson T610/T630. (ak1394)

Version 2.1.1 (16 January 2005)

  • add Collect per-word information during page rendering operation. (ak1394)
  • add Support for following Siemens models: CF62, SX1, M55. (ak1394)
  • add Support for Nokia 6610i. (ak1394)
  • add Added 'notify' plugin, that displays midlet notification without any sound (beeps, etc.). (ak1394)
  • add Font import added. (ak1394)
  • add Added option to choose font color. (ak1394)
  • add Russian menus and messages in midlet. Option to change midlet interface language. (ak1394)
  • add Pause for in autoscroll mode. (ak1394)
  • update Internal font format has been changed. (ak1394)
  • update Updated key mapping mechanism, per-platform dependancies has been removed from plugins. (ak1394)
  • fix Wrong entries in JAD and Manifest. (ak1394)
  • fix Fixed backlight toggle on Nokia. (ak1394)
  • fix BUG: [ 1075812 ] Problem displaying text when it has some non-printable chars. (ak1394)

Version 2.0beta1 (6 November 2004)

  • add Display current page in the title of "goto" plugin menu. (ak1394)
  • add Javadoc documentation for reader module. (ak1394)
  • add Alias capability for phone models added. (ak1394)
  • add Russian DOS encoding added to the list of supported encodings. (ak1394)
  • fix BUG: [ 1053409 ] Unable to add more than one file into MIDlet. (ak1394)
  • fix Increased block index size to accomodate bigger books. (ak1394)
  • fix Fixed key mapping for left and right arrows on Siemens C55. (ak1394)

Version 2.0alpha1 (20 October 2004)

  • add Initial release (ak1394)